[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]鼻孔[/ref]

Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 碧空 — bìkōng [the azure sky; the blue sky] 蔚蓝色的天空 孤帆远影碧空尽。 唐·李白《黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵》诗 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 鼻孔 — bíkǒng [naris; nostril] 鼻子的外开口; 泛指带有鼻子外开口的鼻窝的前部 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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  • 一鼻孔出气 — yī bíkǒng chūqì [sing the same tune; say exactly the same thing] 比喻两个人抱同样的态度和主张, 有贬义 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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